Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still injured! Gah!

My hamstring isn't feeling much better so I'm going to try something else to fix it. I tried Tylenol rapid release capsules, Rub A535, stretching, etc. I guess it's just going to have to work itself out. But tonight I'm trying the heating pad. I may not be 100% tomorrow, but I'm going to the gym. I'M GOING TO THE GYM. Hold me to it!

After work I dashed to the mall to check out the new Forever 21 store that opened on Saturday. It was busy, but not as busy as Saturday. I had to wait 30 minutes in line to pay though! I got 3 really nice shirts and 3 necklaces. As for sizes, I just decided to buy the size I wear now, although the shirts are tight-fitting so if I do lose 20 more lbs, it won't really be that noticeable, especially around my waist. I have a medium frame so I could never get stick skinny even if I tried. Anyways, I love the shirts I got! I only spent $80 on them, so that was a pretty good deal.

I'm just sooo excited to go clothes shopping for back to school! I've decided this year that I'm going to stray away from LABELS (ie. American Eagle, Hollister, etc) and develop more of my own style. Labels are out ...

Off to get the heating pad now!

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  1. instead of running you should try some lower impact gym exercises - like the elliptical or the bike. i know they aren't as fun but once in a while isn't so bad! i can't shop at forever 21 anymore ... i'm too old haha!